TALENTIS provides expertise regarding project development and project management concerning:

  • Socio-economic policy
  • Training & development
  • Guiding of change processes in organisations
  • Human resource development

TALENTIS is a wholly independent company with over 25 years of experience in very different economic areas on national Dutch and European level.


TALENTIS main asset is the use of its creative thinking power concerning social economic development and human resources (education & training).

TALENTIS succeeds in stimulating development and operations of projects in order to achieve the most efficient and economically advantageous results.

TALENTIS distinguishes in its service through the unique reliable, creative approach. This approach has lead to an impressive portfolio within several sectors of industry and services.

The company’s reputation is built upon a track record extending over 15 years of demand driven analytical work for national and international organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

The products and services of TALENTIS are both skills and knowledge based. The company’s expertise draws on different professional and academic disciplines including economics, social science, business studies and business organization.

The unique contribution of TALENTIS is the capacity to address the policy, technical, economic and welfare aspects of an issue whilst retaining sight of the operational, commercial and financial realities.


TALENTIS experience is various:

  • Analysis of development needs of companies on strategic level;
  • Guiding implementation of development projects;
  • Guiding implementation of aspects related to HRM / HRD-policy;
  • Monitoring learning needs related to labour market developments;
  • Analysing development needs caused by technological and organisational change;
  • Developing and applying methods for organisations to anticipate market developments;
  • Projectmanagement Taskforce ICT (MBO-ICT);
  • Management ABC (Dutch Audiovisual Branch Centre);
  • Management Dutch Association of Training Institutes in IT;
  • Management CA-ICT (Dutch Centre for Labour market issues ICT);




  • ELA – European Logistics Association;
  • UEMV – European Glaziers Association;
  • CoESS – European Confederation of Security Services and UNI-Europa (European trade union);

Focussing on improvement of training and education within specific sectors on European level. Analysing and establishing a framework built out of best practices anticipating (future) labour market developments.